Honoring Life

I look forward to connecting with you!

Free Consult : 20 Minutes

All consults are free and held via phone. Talk soon!!

(30 minutes)

Free Grief & Dying 30 Connection Call

Free call for those seeking end-of-life guidance or grief support. A safe place to ask questions, receive more information and be heard and held. You are not alone. Thank you for reaching out.

Please schedule if you need or want to talk, even if you do not want my services, I am here and may be able to suggest resources.

Please email me (jen@jentrulson.com) if you do not see a date/time that works for you or is too far in the future. I want to connect. DO reach out!

(30 minutes)

Sacred Session

50 minute one-on-one guidance and healing session, held weekly or every other week, preferably via Zoom.

To help you walk hand-in-hand with love, compassion, and courage as you navigate this thing called life. To heal what needs to be healed, celebrate what hasn’t been celebrated, and plant the seeds of tomorrow, today.

(1 hour)
$ 111.00

Sacred Check-In Session

30 minute sessions are for established clients and preferably held via Zoom. Talk soon!!

(30 minutes)
$ 65.00